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Creality K1 3D Printer

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Name Creality K1 3D Printer 600mm/s Printing Speed All-in-One 3D Printers 300°C High-Temperature Nozzle Direct Extruder Auto Leveling Stable Cube Frame
Brand Creality
Material Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm(compatible with 0.6/0.8mm), Nozzle Temperature: ≤300℃, Filament Diameter: 1.75mm, Printing Accuracy: 100±0.1mm, Layer Height: 0.1-0.35mm, Extruder: Dual-gear direct drive extruder, Power Loss Recovery: Yes, Acceleration: ≤20000mm/s²
Color K1 Silver-Black
Product Dimensions 139.76″D x 139.76″W x 188.98″H
Item Weight 12.5 Kilograms


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K1 3D Printer – Creality 3D

What’s in the box

  • Build Surface: Flexible build plate
  • Leveling Mode: Hands-free auto leveling
  • File Transfer: USB drive, WiFi
  • Display Screen: 4.3″ color touch screen
  • Rated Voltage: 100-120V~, 200-240V~, 50/60Hz
  • SPEEDY TO REALIZE CREATIVE IDEAS: The Creality K1 fastest 3d printer desktop boasts remarkable speed, hitting 600mm/s with upgraded motion for 2000mm/s² acceleration and 250mm/s (5x) print speed. High-precision stepper motors drive each axis, with a steel shaft connecting Y-axis belts. Its high-torque 42-48 motor ensures lightning-fast, precise printing, rivaling Bambu Lab P1P. The K1 is an attractive choice for swift and efficient printing.
  • HIGHER EFFICIENCY AND MORE ECO-FRIENDLY: The Creality K1 all-in-one 3d printers excels in efficiency and eco-friendliness, cutting print times with its 600mm/s speed. Enhanced productivity and quicker project completion result from this efficiency boost. Moreover, the K1’s lower power consumption aligns with its eco-friendly design, offering a faster and greener 3D printing experience.
  • STAND FIRMLY TO PRINT QUALITY MODELS: The Creality K1 3d printers for homeuse boasts a robust all-metal cube frame and classic Cartesian structure, ensuring steadfast stability for premium 3D printing. Thick linear shafts, gussets, cantilevers, and silicone bed mounts enhance stability by reducing vibrations, guaranteeing precise, detailed, and dimensionally accurate prints. The K1’s solid construction yields top-notch model quality.
  • HIGHER SUCCESS RATE: The High-speed printing 3d printers Creality K1 excels with a 100% success rate in high-speed 3D printing, completing 1,000 hours at 250mm/s and 0.2mm layer height. This achievement reflects advanced tech, precise calibration, and dependable components. Users gain confidence in consistent, quality prints even during extended sessions, ensuring a smooth experience for intricate designs or large projects. K1’s reliability guarantees efficient and successful printing.
  • DUAL Z AXIS: The Creality K1 fastest 3d printers desktop, the fastest 3D desktop printer, boasts a dual Z-axis system with stable lead screw drives. This setup ensures steady build plate movement, enhancing vertical stability. Wobbling and misalignment risks are minimized, enhancing print accuracy, especially for tall or intricate models. K1’s dual Z-axis ensures reliable, high-quality prints with consistent layering and fine details.
  • DIRECT EXTRUSION ADAPTED TO FLEXIBLE FILAMENTS: The Creality K1 all-in-one 3d printer incorporates a specialized direct extruder called the “Sprite,” which is designed to handle flexible filaments with precision. This all-metal extruder is equipped with dual gears, featuring a gear ratio of 1:3.5. This configuration allows for a powerful and uniform extrusion force of 80N, ensuring smooth and consistent filament feeding.
  • GET A COOL MODEL PROMPTLY: The Creality 3d K1 3d printers’ “Urus” air ducts and large 5015 fan ensure swift cooling, hardening hot material promptly. This prevents warping and boosts print quality, especially in complex areas like overhangs. Obtain high-quality models promptly with Creality K1’s efficient cooling design.
  • HOTEND UPGRADE FOR HIGH-TEMP PRINTING: The new Creality K1 3d printer incorporates introduces a hotend upgrade, enabling high-temperature printing for diverse materials. The enhanced hotend includes a low thermal conductivity Titanium Alloy Heatbreak, preventing heat creep and ensuring better printing. Capable of up to 300℃, K1 accommodates high-temperature filaments, expanding its printing capabilities.
  • QUICKER EXPERT-LEVEL CALIBRATION: the Creality K1 3d printers streamlines expert-level calibration with auxiliary leveling choices for bed adjustment. Users can fine-tune for optimal printing. Precision is enhanced with Z-axis height offset at 0.01mm accuracy, ensuring proper first-layer adherence for improved print quality and fewer failures.
  • STRAIGHTFORWARD TOUCH SCREEN UI: Creality K1 offers a user-friendly touch screen UI for an enhanced experience. The 4.3-inch display allows easy navigation, featuring tabbed organization for settings and options. This intuitive interface simplifies parameter adjustments and printing selections. A dedicated temperature PID control page ensures precise extruder and bed temperature adjustment, enhancing control.
Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 23 × 11 × 11 in

13 reviews for Creality K1 3D Printer

  1. Gene (verified owner)

    Had purchased this printer from another company and it came DOA. Ordered from Amazon, got it, put together and ran right off the bat. The auto bed leveling is a dream and the direct drive is great for those tired of Bowden tube printing. High side of price, but so far it’s been well worth the cost. Even filament changes are done within a couple minutes. No issues with print pauses or anything. Very happy so far!

    1 product
  2. Josh (verified owner)

    This is a great printer for beginners who don’t want to spend too much money. This is my first printer and I have very little complaints. One of these complaints is that right out of the box and assembly the bed kept hitting the motor in the back. This is an easy fix (Just move the z-axis sensor slightly up so the nozzle doesn’t go too lows don’t you can raise the bed higher) but it was still a bit annoying that it didn’t work well the way it was intended to be put together. Also the screen for the little dial on the side has a pretty bad viewing angle, it’s harder to see when you’re on the left side of the screen which is usually where you will he because that’s where the printing bed is. Other than that though it’s been an amazing experience and I still highly recommend it.

    1 product
  3. Blayne Watt (verified owner)

    I am new to filament printers. I started in the resin printing world, and WOW these things are way better. I am a mechanic and this printer STILL took me so long to assemble. It is NOT intuitive. The instructions are bad. Save yourself some time and watch a Youtube video on it. The filament that came with this printer was surprisingly very good! This printer does not start printing successfully out of the box, it takes a lot of learning and tweaking and bed leveling before you get good prints. But it’s very satisfying when you finally get it. My printer came with a bad nozzle front fan, but Creality is shipping me a replacement. I use Hatchbox filament and have mostly been successful. This printer is NOT fast, but it’s great for beginners.

    1 product
  4. Allan (verified owner)

    Had some initial assembly issue, but excellent customer service fixed the problems and I was able to start printing. I have made several items, including one that took 24 hours to print. All have come out good. Once you master the software, it becomes easy to pick what you want to print and transfer it to the printer. Once again, kudos to the customer service group. They were excellent.

    1 product
  5. Derek (verified owner)

    After unpacking the printer and setting it up, I was pleased to see that it produces decent quality results straight out of the box and produces them much faster than my other 3D printer. It isn’t perfect, but in my opinion it does justify the price. The door hinges aren’t great, and it feels like the door could break easily if it is opened too far, and the quick start instructions don’t mention the need to install the door handle, that is only stated on a little slip of paper in the bag with the hardware. The stock firmware is a little locked down, but there is an option in the menu to enable root access, which makes it easy to enable all of the extra features of the Klipper firmware. It is good out of the box though, and with a small amount of tuning it is even better

    1 product
  6. LazyDawg67 (verified owner)

    I have deducted 1 star because Creality has limited access to the core configuration of the printer, to be able to easily dial in the dimensional accuracy. That said, this printer is great. Especially for a sub $1K 300mm volume core X/Y machine. You have to remove 3 shipping screws on the Z axis, peel some tape and attache the front door handle and it is assembled. Load filament in and follow the step by step instructions on the screen and in about 20-30 minutes you are ready to print. I connected to our office wifi and opened the Creality Cloud print software. I sliced a Benchy (did not use their file) and sent it to the printer in “normal” mode. 20-25 minutes later I had an excellent benchy, with only 1 very light string in the cabin, otherwise a great print. For someone who knows very little about 3D printing and the “dialing” in usually required, you could not ask for an easier solution. I do have experience in 3D printing and I need dimensional accuracy in the prints we do for our business, so I need access to the configuration files. It can be done, several videos on youtube on how to accomplish this access. Creality should have provided this access from the factory so I have deducted 1 star. I have literally only had this printer for a few hours but have already ran 4 differnt prints, all in PLA. Also FWIW, it is a good looking printer, with the tinted glass on the front, sides and top. Top is easily removable for maintenance or temperature management and door opens/closes smoothly. I will obviously continue working with the machine and will update my review if anything major develops. IMHO it is worth the money, especially compared with others out there with similiar capabilites. Also there is a HUGE base of Creality users to lean on for assistance. The K1 Max is still fairly new so not the same amount of information available yet as compared to say an Ender, but it will get there soon enough. One last comment, I think this printer is very quiet, some YouTube reviews stated it was loud, compared to other printers I have been around and worked with this thing is silent.

    Hope this helps 🙂

    Edit Review: I changed from 4 to 5 stars. We have been running the machine for several weeks now. Once I figured out how to adjust the print parameters so that it was printing dimensionally accurate by adjusting the “Horizontal Scaling factor for both X & Y [Z was good] (as good as can be expected from extruded plastic) this machine is awesome. Very fast, great finishes, the stock software is more than adequate. I did not want to root the machine since multiple people in the office use it for various projects. So far we have printed PLA, PETG, TPE and TPU. All filaments worked with the default settings in the software. Yes we did tweak a few settings to improve the overall quality, but none of the prints were failures. I do not understand the negative reviews on YouTube, this is an excellent machine for it’s capabilities versus it’s price point. I wish this machine existed several years ago when I got into 3D printing, it is as close to a professional printer as one can get in this price range.

    1 product
  7. Tim Bergkvist (verified owner)

    For what you pay, this is a really good buy. There are some annoyances with it, but nothing you can’t overcome if you are new to 3D printing. Out of the box, it prints very well on the first attempt. It’s exhilarating to print something, the first time you print. Afterwards, you will have a lot of tweaking to do when you want to make your own things. Bed leveling is 90% the problem — you may want to buy a version with automatic bed leveling. The company has a LOT of versions, but this proves they keep improving the product. Whenever you are ready to buy, you may find they made the next version better. This is a good thing. Unlike companies that only tweak the software and want to sell you a new machine because they don’t support their older machine, this company appears to be open with its improvements and you find a large community of support for it. This is the kind of product you buy and then you like using it so much, you want a bigger/better one. At the time of this review, I don’t plan on buying another one until I’ve mastered this one. I do recommend this brand and product for independent beginners who want to learn 3D printing as a hobby. Also for DIYers who like to fix things themselves — I already fixed a number of things around the house with 3D printed parts, the most impressive fix was my toilet flusher – so if you are a DIYer, this is a good choice.

    1 product
  8. Kirrill Manicka (verified owner)

    The company responded right away when I had issues. They even send me parts free of charge. Great customer service. In terms of the printer, overall seems to be a good printer, although I had some problems with it. I think it is for intermediate level users. It is not a printer for beginners per se, but it is easy to operate.

    1 product
  9. Christoper (verified owner)

    Fantastic machine for working with quality and speed. I had full support from the seller from purchase to delivery. I highly recommend the product and the seller.

    1 product
  10. Luke (verified owner)

    The printer has been performing well. I did notice that it shipped with the old version of the extruder and hotend. I contacted the seller, they asked for the printer serial number, and got the new versions mailed out to me.

    1 product
  11. Jeremy L. Frye (verified owner)

    Works great – the plate is bowed so leveling has been stupidly difficult.

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  12. Paul Lim (verified owner)

    A better 3D printer – even though the price is extremely affordable

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  13. George Hideki Sakae (verified owner)

    Super practical and shows a world with infinite possibilities

    1 product
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